RIP Ulises Colina and Chad Radwell Edit

We suffered many losses this season. No joke, I have no fucking idea what's going on right now.

- Connor

Welcome to the Scream Queens Big Brother WikiEdit

Welcome to the Scream Queens Big Brother Wiki, a wiki that serves as a collaborative encyclopedia of information and details on the competition based on the television series, Big Brother, for the FOX horror-comedy television series, Scream Queens. As of this moment, this wiki has 3 users and 2 admins maintaining 12 articles, and we are always hoping for new contributors to make this wiki a strong community. If you'd love to take part on this journey with us, feel free to help by creating or editing articles and keeping this wiki as friendly, cooperative, and accurate as possible! Don't forget to read our policies before starting to edit. Thanks, and enjoy!

Note: This wiki features spoilers of upcoming episodes, so please continue browsing at your own risk.

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